Who is whose reflection.

Screw starting an article with a cool line copied from Internet and all. I am starting this response with anger; I am angry, yes for this. Below is my response to all the questions; ┬áIn 1999-2000, Indian cricket was rocked by the match-fixing scandal. You were a key member of the team that was captained […]

Feel of Titanic

Dear Kate and Leo
You still look great;

Credits: James Cameron and Jon Landau (Makers of Titanic)

Rock Top

Etta, erra Rock, sea and the Beach.

Layers etta Beach

The Layers of the Sand,
the beach has mysteries
and has stories-to-tell
and stories -to-feel and stories-to live

Naked Trees

The trees are naked,
they have no food,
they have no one to look after

Against the Global Depletion of trees

Between the Legs

They have legs and they have Peace at a short distance.
Clicked on the Streets of Bombay.

Credits: Those cops on Bike have no relation with the film, they are have been clicked accident(ly)


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